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The South-Western Oregon Repeater Association (a government recognized 501(c)(3) non profit Amateur Radio organization in Coos County Oregon) has been serving amateur radio both on and from the Southern Oregon Coast since 1983.
SWORA (W7OC) operates and maintains a series of both VHF and UHF FM repeaters throughout Western Oregon. Some of these sites are linked (7 system sites are currently linked together in the SWORA constellation) and some are unlinked. SWORA has a wide footprint of coverage via these repeaters and operates from some of the best repeater sites available to amateur radio.
Due to the efforts of their leadership and membership, these sites are available for responsible usage in compliance with good radio etiquette and all applicable FCC and state law.
You can find a PDF available in the "Useful Links" section that provides a graphical layout of the primary LINKED 2M FM  network as well as to all SWORA associated repeaters.
Also, please take a moment to read the "Please Read" link (also under "Useful Links") prior to using SWORA equipment. Thank you.
Serving amateur radio on the Southern Oregon Coast since 1983
Useful Links
SWORA (a government recognized 501(c)(3) non profit Amateur Radio organization in Coos County Oregon) officially communicates with it's members online via an email group. You may proceed to investigate and join this group by visiting this site:
Join the official SWORA listserv
807 Delaware Ave. North Bend, Oregon 97459
Please Read
2M FM Linked System Map
2020 SWORA VHF PDF (includes site information and coverage map)
2019 SWORA Newsletter
2019 Volunteer and Dues Form
Bear Mtn. Repeater Photos
2020 Annual Meeting
Due to current government COVID-19 restrictions and the the overwhelming popularity of our annual meeting, the regulary scheduled annual meeting has currently been suspended. SWORA is considering alternative means by which the membership may be able to meet. To be fully advised and up to date on all SWORA related events and announcements, please follow the link to the right and sign up for the SWORA listserv.
Thank you!